Wednesday, 30 April 2008

SCBWI talk and weekend disaster

Well, I really enjoyed the SCBWI talk last Thursday by Ruth Louise Symes. She talked about her diverse career. She has had published teen novels to picture books, basically written for all children's ages. She started out not knowing anything about how to write and just wrote and wrote until she went to a talk by the then new Writers Advice Centre and sent a ms into them and learnt from that. She has also written radio/tv scripts for a couple of books and has written scripts for the Hoobs on tv, which she said was the most lucrative money she's earnt so far. The talk went on for just over an hour and I was tired the next day.

Then came the weekend and disaster. Mum and I had been to Crystal Palace and found a new organic shop there, which was a disappointment, had come back to Forest Hill and gone to WHS and the craft fair there. We were walking home and 2 mins away from home, disaster struck and mum tripped (we think) over a drain cover and fell to the ground. She badly hurt her left knee and right hand and has now lots of colourful bruises over her body and she believes the pulled something in her right thumb. She keeps telling me that she will be fine in time and to put it to the back of my mind but I keep seeing that image of her falling forwards again, just like last time. I did have a little cry at home whilst she was in bed as it all got to me and still does now and then.

Well, must go now and do my washing up before I leave for home. Yay.

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