Saturday, 12 April 2008

Ups and Downs

This week has been another up and downer for me. It started off all right then on Tuesday I had my hospital appointment for the test results. They came out low which meant that my problem probably has nothing to do with cortisol levels or hormonal levels, so that ruled those out (I had thought of PMS because I'd worked out that the exhaustion was happening the same time each month). The consultant said that my symptoms sound like anxiety and depression. I have now been reading up on depression and found that low serotonin levels can cause that so am now trying to help myself by taking multivitamins and minerals plus eating more bananas and dates. We shall see how that goes over the next couple of months. That was a bit of a high. Then on Wednesday I reached the train station and got a bad stomach upset and had to go back home so had the day off sick. Not good as I've already had several days off sick so far this year and it doesn't make my record look good. I am now better and hope to get better even more soon. Watch this space.

Writing. Apart from emailing letters to healthy magazines I finished amened Chapter 3 of Checkmate today and will type it up tomorrow. At the same time I will listen to one of my CDs about stress which I bought today at So Organic in Greenwich. Being keen on organics now needless to say I spent a whole lot of money in there. Never mind. They do say retail therapy is good for your mood. That's my excuse anyway.

Well, that's all for now. Catch up later with more news soon.

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