Friday, 14 March 2008

Trial and error

Well, going organic with beauty products has really been trial and error. I have finally decided to stop using Essential Care facial products and chuck them away. Not only were they making my face tight and red but now my face has started to itch. I must have extremely sensitive skin because the cleanser says on the bottle that it's for dry/sensitive skin. So as of tonight, I will use the replenishing cream for my neck only, the cleanser I will chuck away and recycle the bottle, and instead I will use Green People day solution in the morning and Barefoot Botanical SOS face and body cream at night. We shall see what happens then. I do like the BB SOS body lotion but I don't particularly like the BB Rosafina body lotion which I am using at the moment. I think I will stick to the SOS body lotion.

Must get on with some work now and look as though I am doing some.

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