Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Another small success

When I got home last night I had through the post one of the 2 small press mag's I subscribe to, and when I opened it there was a £2 coin stuck to it. I looked at the index inside but couldn't find a story by me and then I read on the editor's page that my story was separate in a little booklet. Yay. Success. Not only that, but I looked on the front of the magazine and saw that it too had an ISSN number, so when I become a member of the ALCS I can register all the stories I had published from 2004 to present with them. I sent off the membership form and the ISSN forms with it yesterday so they might get it today. I feel that I am now becoming a professional writer ie taking my writing professionally as a business. My mum wants to read my story so I will let her as she likes to read what I have written. A fan.

Health - I haven't been eating that healthily recently because mum has been buying chocolate and biccies, oh and I had some natural organic tortilla chips at the weekend, which were really nice. I hope today to get some answers about my raised cortisol levels as I am seeing my Endocrine consultant this afternoon, and he deals with hormone issues. Fingers crossed he says something that I like to hear. I still get exhausted and stressed. I had a couple of days off 2 weeks ago with it and felt useless and frustrated. I hate feeling that way and want it to end, so that's why I can't wait for my appointment today. Let you know sometime this week what he says.

Well, must get on with work. See you soon.

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