Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I'm excited!

Why? Well, I went to a Writers' Day on Saturday in Oxford Circus and found out some interesting information. One of the speakers mentioned that if you write for a magazine with an ISSN number you can register it with the ALCS (Authors' Licensing Collection Society, I think it is) and if your article/story you have registered with them is read and copied over the years then you can get royalties which they send you yearly I think. This I didn't know. I got excited because one of the small press magazines I write for has an ISSN number. Anyway, after doubting if this was true I emailed the membership dept of ALCS this morning and got back a reply. Yes, it's true and they attached various forms for me to become a member and register any works I've done with a magazine with ISSN numbers. I just so happens that I have recently had a story published in the magazine which has an ISSN number so I shall register it at the weekend and let what happens happen. Royalties here I am. The talks on Saturday were really interesting with main ones by Lee Weatherly and Diana Kimpson, and a few brief ones, inc the one on the ALCS. The journeys to and from Oxford Circus were a nightmare as the Northern Line was shut and I had to walk to Bank station from London Bridge and vice versa. I got really confused coming out of Bank coming home and got rather frustrated but found my way back to London Bridge in the end, after asking for directions. Apart from that I did enjoy the day.

Other exciting news. I discovered today that some of my colleagues here at work do read my blog. Yay, I have readers I know. So folks, if you read this, please could you let me know by adding comments.

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