Friday, 22 February 2008

Novella update

I finished Chapter 6 of Checkmate my novella yesterday and added romance in. I now know who my heroine is going to meet the hero via her grandfather. He will be his neighbour who has worked near her neighbours, if that makes sense. Of course, he will have seen her before and thinks about her, and when they meet up after she visits her grandfather (not that she will know that at the time) she recognises her boyfriend to be. Then things go from there, as they plan to reunite her mother and grandfather, with her grandfather having his plans too. I am really enjoying this writing and often get ideas for different scenes for either the next chapter or early ones. I am currently buying My Weekly pocket novels as I definitely want to target that market for Checkmate, so I am reading what sort of stories they accept and so far, albeit it has only been one I've read, it mainly featured drama, mystery with a tad romance, which is similar to what I am writing.

I haven't been eating that healthily recently as I was at home on leave from work last week and yesterday and today fancied a treat as I felt a bit stressed out here at work. I have decided that I might go to the Vitality show in Olympia next month. I have seen it advertised the last couple of years and thought about going, then saw it advertised in the Metro yesterday and asked my mum what she thought about going to it. She was dubious about how to get there and how long it would take, as she's not very good now with long train journeys, but after reading what it was all about she told me this morning that she liked the look of it. So, fingers crossed we will go. If we do, I can't wait as it looks very interesting with different stalls about health, food and exercise. Well up my street.

I am still sleeping in what was my mum's bedroom, and am getting used to it despite hearing the traffic more, hearing people talk outside and the lamplights coming through the curtains. The other thing I have to hear is the rain dripping on the pipes or somewhere. Still, I am away from the ladybirds. Mum found a few live ones in my bedroom the other day but don't think we've found any more after that. Let's hope that they have died out now and won't come back at all.

Not long now for the weekend and I can't wait. Hope to buy some more pocket novels tomorrow and jiffy bags to send my children's book in. I had another reject the other day, not the one I thought it was, so it still is with one publisher. I have another in mind. We shall see what happens.

See you soon...

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