Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New year, new beginnings

Happy new year to anyone that reads this. Well, it's now a new year and I've decided that it will be new beginnings for me.
1. I have already mentioned that I am going organic and started to use all my new facial organic products last night. Too early to say if they suit me or not but so far no reactions. I do like the smell of the new foot balm I've got, it smells of grapefruit. I smell wonderful when I go to bed now. Grapefruit feet, strawberry lips, and other natural smells from hand creams, spritzers. I was hoping to go 100% organic but found that I can't as an important face cream I have to use daily contains mineral oil, which is another name for petroleum things. The rest of the time I am organic.
2. I had my blood test yesterday which wasn't too bad this time despite being very nervous before it. I am determined to reduce my stress levels and have already bought a yoga dvd for beginners. I have also bought a relaxation pulse roll-on to use which I will take to work with me and use there, as I can get quite stressed at times in the office.
3. I have started to clear out a lot of things that I don't want anymore, esp papers and magazines. But one major thing that I've collected for years and decided to sell most of is the pocket dragons. I have decided to enlist my brother's help in selling them on ebay. I will also at some time try to get rid of my old computer and keyboard either via charities or Freecycle. Will look into that next weekend I think.
4. Clothes - there is going to be a new me fashionwise, thanks to watching Gok Wan on How to look good naked and buying the book in sales. I now know which figure I have so know now what clothes to look for and suits my shape best. I tried on a wraparound top the other day and despite the low neck (I don't like showing my boobs) it suited me very well and made my body and arms look very slim, so that is what I will look for next weekend.
5. Writing - Bug has now been completed. The synopsis revised and I will be sending a query off this week to an agent, and 2 more next weekend. In the meantime, I will concentrate on revising the short stort I'd typed up before Christmas and working on the novella for epublishing.

Well, they are my new starts to 2008. I will let you know how each of them go.

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