Wednesday, 30 January 2008

British Rail and Ladybirds

That's a good combination of things. I, and most probably hundreds of other people, were fed up with BR on Monday. A little bit of fog and most of the network goes into meltdown. Within just under an hour, only 2 trains came that morning and because they were late, there were tons of people getting on them before me, so I had to wait in the cold for another one to come along, and wait and wait and wait. I waited about an hour then my friend and supervisor came along, who was surprised to see me there still. After thinking about it, we ended up going by car (hers - she'd parked nearby) to Nunhead and getting a train from Queen's Road Peckham. Thankfully one came just as we got there although we had to stand. I had left home say at 8.20am and got to work 2 hours later. British Rail, huh? A little bit of fog and they can't cope, I ask you.

Now ladybirds. There is a new variety from overseas that stink of wood when killed, and these have been appearing in my bedroom over the last 2 years. Last night and this morning was the climax, I tell you. I got home and found one and called my mum (I don't like killing insects as I'm afraid that they will land on me). Then when I went to bed, we found 3 more, before I would get into bed. Then this morning we found 6 more. We don't know where they are coming in from, although I believe there must be a nest of them somewhere outside for all those to appear like that. My mum is going to ring the housing people today to see when they are coming to renovate the house. They have a project of renovating all old flats and houses in our area by 2010. The flats have been done but not the houses. If it's not going to be for another year or so then we talked about moving my bed into the spare room, where my mum would sleep, and I would sleep in her bedroom for a few months until my room is clear and possibly having a new window put in (in the hope that it will solve the problem of the insects). I will know more when I get home today and speak to my mum. We shall see what happens.

Back to work now. Ho hum...

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