Thursday, 31 January 2008

Decision made

Well, when I got home last night, my mum and I talked about these dratted ladybirds and a decision was made. Mum phoned the housing people who said they'd come at the end of Feb to inspect my bedroom window, and we believe that the insects will most likely still keep coming in in the meantime, so I know I'd be happier out of my bedroom whilst they still appear, and we decided that I'd move into mum's room and she would move into the spare room. But before she moves into the spare room, I have to decide which pocket dragons I do and don't want, so the ones I don't want (most of them I think) will be boxed up, the cabinet will be moved to elsewhere in the room, so mum can move her bed into there and a couple of bits of furniture with it. Then we will move my bed into her room as well as my bedside cabinet and one chest of drawers which has my daily clothes in. It will be strange sleeping in her room, being close to the traffic but I know that I will be a lot happier being in a room knowing that I won't be seeing any ladybirds in the morning and night. Let's hope that the housing chap that comes in Feb will decide that they can do something with my window this year, if it won't be for a year or 2 then I might have to find money to pay for a new window myself.

I am really pleased that I am now using organic products on my skin. I feel so good about my skin now although it's all trial and error now. I am currently using Essential Care stuff and both my mum and I have found that they are too drying. The facial stuff makes our faces a bit red and tight, and I have found the bodywash makes my skin very dry. I am using Barefoot Botanicals SOS body lotion and really like that, as it makes you feel as though you are pampering your body. I like their foot balm too, as that is the one that smells of grapefruit. I'm not sure about their hand cream as it smells a bit clinically. I like the Lavera Basis hand cream and also the Melissa Hand cream from Neal's Yard as they smell nicer. I will be trying BB SOS facial stuff then BB Rosa Fina facial and body products. I would like to go onto organic foods but found it hard to find them in Sainsbury's as the assistant told us that they are now mixed with the ordinary foods.

Writing - I haven't yet sent off my children's book to another publisher but prob will do next weekend. In the meantime, I am hard at work on my novella and still trying to find more than one publisher that might take it apart from the one I've seen in my writing magazine. I am on chapter 4 and really enjoying the story.

Must get on with some work now. See you soon.

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