Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Contrasting worlds and food

Last Saturday I watched 2 tv programmes about food which I'd taped that week, and they highlighted to me the vast contrasts in what we eat to what other countries eat, especially very primitive countries. The first programme was about 4 junk food addicts who went to a primitive village in Pakistan to live for a month their way. The addicts had to eat natural food which was grown by the villagers, as well as the local yak, wash their clothes in the lake water and help labouring. Very primitive. They all lost weight at the end and I read that the youngest woman there has decided that she doesn't want to live in the UK anymore and is saving to go back there. This was in total contrast to the 2nd programme which highlighted how calorific foods in popular restaurants can be, one meal often exceeding adult and children's daily recommended limit of calories. Probably because they are full of salt, sugar and fat, all unnatural foods, unlike the first programme. It was really interesting to watch these programmes back to back.

Can you believe it? Last Friday my dad went shopping to a place he hasn't been for years, and on his way back to the mobility centre on the mobile scooter he'd borrowed, he heard a bang put his hand to his neck and found he was covered in blood. He was taken to the hospital where it was discovered that he'd been shot by an air gun/rifle. To cut a long story short, he had to go back to hospital yesterday to have it taken out but due to all the medications he's on they refused to do it. So my poor dad still has a long pellet/bullet in his neck with a huge bruise on it. I just hope that it doesn't move at all.

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