Friday, 11 January 2008

Health and Writing News

I saw the dr yesterday and got a shock. My cortisol level had gone up even more than it was originally. The normal range should be between 600-700 but mine was over 1000. I am convinced that it was all the sugary foods over the break that caused my body to stress thus raising the cortisol levels. So, I have asked the dr to refer me to my Endocrine consultant here at Guy's in case it's to do with my hormones. In the meantime I am avoiding excess sugar as I am convinced it doesn't help me at all now. We shall see what happens.

I got another rejection from an agent this week so that leaves only one left to reply. I have in mind a publisher, whom I've been told are looking for teen novels and from their website encourage new writers to submit to them. So I will sort that out this weekend and post it out next week. I am still working on my novealla. I have recently read in my new writing magazine about a new publisher who are publishing novellas so might try them when it's finished. What I did like to read on their website was that the printers they use are through the Forest Council who replant timbers. Very green and recommended. One of the things that is persuading me to try them, as well as being new so they won't have many authors on their books.

Must get on with proper work now. Fashion shopping tomorrow and hope to try on some clothes with my shape in mind.

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Sue Eves said...

Happy Shopping for publishers/agents and clothes!