Monday, 4 February 2008


When I got home from shopping on Saturday I found an envelope from my local council on the mat for me. I opened it and said Yes! Result - they are offering me the full sum of what it cost to have my car repaired after the tree branch fell on it BUT (there's always a but) it's on admission that they are not liable for the incident. Huh. At least they are reimbursing me, which is something. I've signed and dated the form and it went in the post today.

Writing - I have decided not to start work on my RS after my novella but start on my next children's book, the 2nd in the set I have in mind. I think I will have to do a summary of what will happen in each chapter for this one and also do another timetable for Allie, the girl in the book. Meantime I am busy working on my novella. Have figured out that I have 3 more chapters to write, 2 of which are totally from scratch, the last one with additions to it. So far it has come to over 10,000 words so not bad going.

Back to work as the phone is ringing.

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