Saturday, 27 July 2013

Elite Marketing Pro - a fantastic opportunity to learn about marketing

Some of you have probably found out that I have been messaging you personally on Facebook about Elite Marketing Pro, wanting you to join. If you have any sort of internet business, be it publishing ebooks (like me) or selling items as a company then you need to read this.

Why Internet Marketing is a Pipe Dream

It makes me mad to say it...
But for most people, internet marketing and creating multiple streams of income is nothing but a pipe dream.
Because the "system" is rigged and the odds are stacked way against you when you follow the conventional "guru" advice.
It's designed to keep you stuck, struggling and dependent on THEIR next bright shiny object like a heroine addict in need of a fix.
Feels good for a moment, but it's slowly killing you.
You know how to AVOID these landmines that can go off anytime.
It's all outlined in the report I told you about the other day.
Did you read it?
If not, then stop what you're doing.
Go download this and read right now.>>><<<
Your business life and the size of your bank account depend on it.
Here's the link again. >>><<<
My best,
I am still learning different ways to market myself from this. You can too.

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