Sunday, 7 July 2013

Mouthwash - a healthy alternative to after dinner mints?

Last week I went to the dentist and saw a dental hygiene student. She told me that I shouldn't use my mouthwash in the evening after cleaning my teeth but to use it during the day and after meals. This got me thinking. Usually after meals, esp lunch and dinner, I have a Murray mint to freshen my breath like an after dinner mint. These are sweets and are v sugary, so not good for the teeth. I thought what about using my mouthwash instead, it has a minty taste to it. Also, mouthwash you don't actually swallow, you spit it out so it doesn't stick to your teeth like sugar does. So, once all my mints have gone, I am going to do an experiment and try using the mouthwash as an after meal refresher and see how it goes. I think it can be a good thing as mouthwash gets rid of some plaque, which usually stays there after eating. Shall let you know how I got.

Do any of you out there use mouthwash after meals? If you do, let me know how it goes.

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