Sunday, 4 August 2013

Love Food Not Waste - How to not waste baked beans

In these economic times, I hate wasting food and try to compost as much as I can. There are some foods that I used to waste, and one of those is baked beans. Tell me someone who opens a can of beans, eats some of them and throws away the rest. My mum and I buy large tins of beans to eat between us. We used to eat 3/4 of it and throw away the rest. Now I have come up with a way that we don't waste any. If we have a meal with baked beans in then on our menu for the week, I put down a couple of days later to have a second meal with them in. So, the first meal we have half a tin, and the rest we pour into a plastic container and put in the fridge. Couple of days later, we have the other meal and the rest of the beans - no waste. So there you have it. A way to not waste any baked beans.

Let me know if you have any ways of saving foods, be it baked beans or other things.

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