Friday, 3 February 2012

RG2E launch

Wednesday was the launch for the Readers Guide to Epublishing website, and it is going great so far. The idea was to attract readers to our indie ebooks and give advice and ideas and prizes to readers out there who want to read ebooks. This week they are giving away free ebooks, and I am one of the lucky ones who won an ebook. The showcase lots of genres, from YA (that will be me) to romance, to mystery and scifi. I can't wait to see what else they have to offer everyone, and look forward to becoming a bigger part of the team there.
RG2E is the sister site to WG2E, which is for writers, and I am a member of the team there, too.

So, if you love reading ebooks, and want to find out what else there is out for esp from us indie authors, then drop along to and see for yourself.

Go check it out. You never know, you could comment and win an ebook.

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