Friday, 10 February 2012

Writing habits - Masterclass Part 2

After we had a cup of tea/coffee, I had tea which I don't normally have but it was cold and I needed a hot drink, we went back to work. We got to writing about unhelpful and helpful habits. FB was mentioned a lot, as it would. Bekki said if that is your unhelpful habit then to write down why you go on it. Helpful habits came first. Here is mine: I write down weekly/monthly goals in a pad, I have a pen and pad by my bedside, I have a pen and pad wherevere I go, I visit the WG2E blog every day and comment on it. So, what helpful habits do you have, that you think help with your writing. Then we had to write a list of who/what helps you with your writing: For me it was the WG2E team, the RNA and their meetings, SCBWI and their meetings and maybe my mum. What was more money.
Then on to unhelpful habits. My bad habits were FB, reading mags/papers, going into Smashwords every day to see how many people have downloaded my ebook, procrastination - reading stuff that isn't about writing before I want to write and makes me bored. Distractions were my mum, TV, stressful situations, email and bed.
Then we were told there are four types of habits: self-doubt, timebased, habits and fears.

Then we had to go into pairs again and give each other suggestions on how to help ourselves out of our bad habits. I suggested to Donna to have a mascot that is a reminder of her writing that she could see first thing in the morning. I have my little angel on my computer. Donna suggestion for me was to either write in the morning as I usually write after lunch when I start getting tired, or read something else other than papers after lunch. I have started to read writing magazines after lunch. I think I will get an ereader and read on that after lunch, to get me in the mood.

Then we had to write obstacles to our writing. Mine was appointments and Mum needing help. Then we had to write a list of positive goals. Ie I will... Mine starts: I will read ms after lunch, I will start a diary of my main character, I will read other things later. Then I had written down that I have to tell Mum what I want to do and why.

The last thing was a list of what can help me. I have a diary/lists, FB/Ning and triggers (like my angel). All in all it was v useful and reminded me of my goals and why I write. I keep saying this to myself and I will tell Mum why I want to write when I do. Thank you, Bekki.

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