Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Railway Angel download results

Do you remember back in December that I mentioned I'd put Railway Angel as free on Smashwords and I said I'd be back to let you know the results. Well, they have been fantastic. I announced it on social media sites and on eforums. The number of downloads went double in 24 hours. They were slowly growing until yesterday. I have tried not to check them daily but can't resist. On Monday when I checked it had gone up to 36. Not a bad result, I thought. Then I checked them yesterday and my eyes goggled. 172. Where had that come from? I wasn't complaining just totally astounded. I had emailed free ebook sites asking to advertise it there, and I had put a free ad on an efiction magazine site. By the end of yesterday it had gone up even more to 196. Now today. It has gone up even more. Wow. It is now up to 282. Even going up 5 more within an hour. I am so amazed at this. Never thought this would happen. I just hope that all those who read it now, will like it enough to want to read more of my angels, and be willing to pay a price when the next one comes out. I am currently working on it, and hope to get edits and rewrites done by next week when I aim to send it off for its second edit.

Well, this free way experiment seems to be definitely working for me. I shall still check, prob daily, the figures on it. I checked the stats as well. They spiked on Monday and today. It feels so good to have people want to read your work. Makes it all worthwhile doing. I shall continue...

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