Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Masterclass on Motivation

On Saturday, in the cold weather, I went to a workshop by Bekki Hill, a trained life-coach and fellow SCBWI author. While waiting for our lunch to warm us up, she got us writing straight away. We had to write 100 goals, and if we couldn't do that, 40. We had a slide prompt that we could split the goals into parts of our lives eg writing, personal, leisure and health. Most of my goals were to do with writing. Here are a few of mine: to be known for my YA and romance fiction, to somehow make a living from my writing, to lose weight and keep it off, to exercise more. Then came lunch, which was v welcome to us all. I had grilled chicken, tomato and chips. Our next exercise was to write three goals that we wanted to achieve from our writing (I think that was it, it looks like it from my notes). Here are mine for example: What writing means to me - more friends and something to take me away from difficulties at home. What projects I want to do: YA fantasy series x 2, romance series, romantic suspense novels and my squirrel book. I want to find more time to write, write in different genres on different topics and blog more, and go to more meetings. I would love to do author visits. At the moment I have done library events and blogs.
We had to write three major goals we wanted. They had to be personal (I), precise (I am). Her are mine: I am writing YA fantasise, I am already mentioning it. I am writing romance series and am member of RNA. I write letters to magazines.

Then came values. There are internal values such as honesty. And external ones like expectations and money. Now we had to match our goals and values, to see if they did go with each other. My reply was yes. Goal 3 matched my value of it be something I can do and be known for. Goals 1 and 2 matched the value of entertaining readers and educating them. Giving me pleasure to do so, and it takes me away from home life. I think this exercise came after the one where we had to go in pairs and ask each other what values we had for our writing. Questions such as what do you enjoy most out of writing. What do you want to achieve from writer. What is important to you as a writer. My answers (written by Donna Vann) were: Enjoy: going into another world and creating characters. It's something I can do and be known for. Want to entertain and educate readers, get them thinking about what's going on in the world and what to watch out for. It gives me pleasure and contentment. Being able to help others understand what I write. Most important is pleasure as it takes me away from home life and situations there.

Then we had to write our reasons to want to achieve. Mine: recognition, pleasure and fulfilment. What we thought it added to our life: Security, knowledge I can do something for someone else. Contentment I can give pleasure to adults and children. What do we think it will not achieve and detract from our lives if we don't write: unfulfilment, unhappiness and boredom.

My drives for writing are: Recognition and fulfilment.

So what are your writing goals and values? Let me know Next time I will talk about writing habits, good and bad.


Candy Gourlay said...

These are really tough questions - it goes right down to why do I write? My answer to that is 'because it fulfills me'. Not a bad business to be in.

KMLockwood said...

Thank you for the detailed summary, Julie. Very important questions.