Sunday, 3 January 2010

Writing resolutions

I have also made some resolutions about my writing and here they are:

1. To enter more anthologies and competitions. Have just received an email saying that the story I sent for a Travel anthology wasn't successful although they loved it but it didn't fit in with the rest of the book and asked to keep it on file. I said yes, so who knows. I have one story in mind for another anthology, which I will start writing prob next weekend.
2. To write for more magazines on my interests. I read in the last issue of Writing Magazine a man who has decided to write to all magazines in the new year book - that's over 600 magazines. I am not going that far but have already emailed one, have drafted tips for another 2.
3. So this way I can make more money from my writing, esp if I lose my job.
4. To raise my profile by promoting myself more. Have done one thing already. Have emailed a local magazine with my school visit event in March for next month's issue. Don't know if it will get in there as it's up to the editor. I might try to phone libraries again to see if they will do talks to children or not. We shall see.

Well, think that's all for this resolution. Next week will be my green and health resolutions.

I go back to work tomorrow and will try to find out more on what is happening with my job then.

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