Sunday, 10 January 2010

Green and Health resolutions

Last week I said I'd put on here my green and health resolutions, so here they are:

Green: 1.To recycle more, if that's possible.
2. To buy more things with less packaging, esp plastic.
3. Try to buy more things that are recycleable.

Organic: 1. To use up what I have got now and not buy them anymore ie I have a couple of cleansers and once I use those up will be using my face wash morning and night. Saves money, esp as I might be made redundant later this year.
2. To buy less expensive brands if they are OK on my skin.
3. To buy more organic cotton clothes.

Health: 1. To get my health back on track, which means-
2. Help my liver more by not eating things that I shouldn't eg milk choc which I'm meant to be intolerant to.
Have already started taking milk thistle which is meant to be good for liver function.

Well, I think that is all I can think of for now. As to my other resolutions, they are well on the way to happening. Already I have emailed a publisher with Checkmate, emailed a few magazines and my daily paper with letters and tips. Next weekend I will do more.

See you next week with more happenings, and less snow I hope.

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