Sunday, 24 January 2010

Resolutions update

So how are my new year resolutions going? Well, some are and some aren't at the moment.

Writing: Is going v well at the moment. Have already emailed Checkmate to a publisher, emailed letters/tips to several magazines, and have drafted a small article for an ezine, and have written and typed up a story for an anthology. Just need to refine it now before sending that off. Just found out that another story for an anthology was shortlisted but didn't make it as far as publication. I shall keep trying. I have a competition in mind to enter next month. Meanwhile, tomorrow will be starting Chapter 9 of Georgina, and intend it to be the penultimate chapter. Then once I have finished that draft will go back to rewrite Allie.

Green: Not bad. Been trying to recycle more and not use too much plastic. Not managed it up until today because my mum likes to buy bananas and pears in bags but today managed to buy loose pears (put in one of Sainsbury's plastic bags which are recycleable) and loose bananas.

Health: Started good with doing more exercise then went downhill when the snow and ice came and had to get buses to the station. Now back walking both ways. But this last week my health went dowhill. The stress of not knowing if I will have a job later this year got to me and my IBS played up again causing an uncomfortable problem, which laid me off work for 3 days. Back to work tomorrow as I am much better now.

Well this is my news for this week. Be back either during the week or next weekend.

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