Sunday, 17 January 2010

More letters

I am still busy emailing letters and tips to magazines. Yesterday I emailed 2 magazines with letters and today I emailed one more. I don't know if I will get anywhere or not but we shall see. I will be emailing a couple more over the next week and then will leave it for a while. I will probably start thinking about writing articles and tips for ezines on green issues as I have a few names of them to work on which I have collected from Writers' News. We shall see. I also have been working on a short story for an anthology. Finished writing it yesterday and will type it up next weekend. Watch this space...

Meanwhile,guess what is forecast for this Weds? Yep, possible more snow. Just as I was getting used to walking to the station each day. I hate it, it causes so much hassle travelwise. I do hope that it is not going to be much this time. Talking of exercise. Yesterday Mum and I began working on the new DVD we got by Coleen Nolan. Talk about laughing and confusion. We got a bit confused with the leg movements but it worked 'cos our legs hurt afterwards. Today we did Pilates, as that's good for the back and knees, which I need as I have knee pain now.

Well, this is all, back to work tomorrow.

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