Monday, 19 January 2009

Living then and now

I have just read Jean Fullerton's ( first book No Cure for Love which is sent in the 1830s and it set me thinking about how people lived then and how we do now. In Jean's book it mentions that people died from diseases due to poor living conditions, which was how they did die then, but now it has gone the other way. Living for us is much much better and there is so much choice for us that we have abused it, esp food, and the consequences is that people are dying due to diseases of greed, ie obesity which causes heart disease, strokes etc. And it's not adults only. There was a report in the paper last week of children as young as two (yes, 2) being admitted to hospital for obesity. I thought what are these parents doing. I agreed with Dr Miriam Stoppard who wrote in her column that it's all down to the parents. I think this is one of the reasons I wrote Rosie and the Sick School (inspired partly by Jamie's School Dinners programme) to get my thoughts across to children. I get angry whenever I read something in the papers about children being fat. I do think that the parents should take some of the blame so therefore should take action themselves. So come on people out there, think about this: your children are our future, and what future will there be if they die before you.

There, I've had my say and rant. Back to work now.

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