Friday, 30 January 2009

Food intolerances

I have decided to have a foodscan intolerance test by York Test people, which is brave of me because it involves pin-pricking a finger to get blood out, and I hate needles. I managed to survive it a few years ago when I did the last one so will this time. I originally wanted to do one in a Holland & Barretts but they only test during the week and I didn't want to take time off work just for that. So I have decided to have it done properly, in the comfort of my own home. I only did the First Step test last time and this time if I get a positive result (I'm intolerant to a food) then I will go on to do the Second Step test which scans for 113 foods. I won't have to do another pin-prick test if I apply within 30 days of the last test because they can use the same blood sample. If I do this then that will be it and I won't do it again because I will know one way or another what I am intolerant to and what not. So watch this space as I will put the results on an entry here.


Nell Dixon said...

Good luck with the tests. I'm sensitive to nuts - avoid them as I don't want a full blown allergy but I'm also allergic to apples and cherries - I'm allergic to their tree pollens too and products taht contain apple eg shampoo.

Julie Day said...

Thanks Nell. Have yet to receive the first test and hope to get that done while I am on holiday next week. I know I am intolerant to cow's milk and soya proteins, and I can't eat various other foods because they give me stomach problems and I want to know if they come up too.