Monday, 12 January 2009

Excitement and frustration

The excitement was yesterday when my brother et al came over to see us. As he was ill over Christmas, we still had presents to give and receive, so we all opened our Christmas presents. I got what I asked for, namely the Childrens' Writers' and Artists Year Book 09 and Writing for Children by Linda Strachan, which has info about making the best of the time at library and school visits, plus my mum and I both got 2 lots of sweets (not chocolate) just as I'd decided I wanted to start cutting down and being sensible with food. They had cakes while I ate some marshmallows (one of the packets of sweets I got). They stayed for a couple of hours and went home.

The frustration is being back at work and having to cope with very very slow computers. It's a global problem and it's hindering our work here. It is so annoying. It's taking much longer to type and print letters than it usually does. I am hoping that it will be solved asap. Apparently the problem is the Microsoft update that the machines are doing which is taking up all the memory on the computers and making everything else slow. Grrr..... I shall try and get on with some more work now.

See you soon.

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