Monday, 11 February 2008

A plan for my novella

I have now come up with a probable market for my novella, which is called Checkmate. On Saturday I went to the local RNA meeting in Holborn and met with another woman called Pia who had just had a novella accepted by a publisher. I got chatting to her, asking her how long her novella was (30,000 words). She suggested to try People's Friend and that perhaps I could add some romance into the novella, say the grandfather knows someone and meets the granddaughter. I had already thought of that but wasn't sure if it was what I truly wanted in the story or not but Pia got me thinking, and during the meeting I ended up jotting down a couple of notes, and also in the evening about ideas to add to it. So that is what I am going to do. I shall write up the draft I am working on now which doesn't have romance in then go back to the beginning and add romance in. Once finished I shall submit it to the RNA's writing scheme with the intention of targeting My Weekly Pocket Novel and go from there. If I am unsuccessful in that target I have a couple of e-publishers in mind. There is always a market somewhere and I am determined to get published this year so that Jean (the RNA's membership sec) can promote me to a full member instead of staying a probationery one.

On a different note. I went to Specsavers this morning and was impressed, despite having to wait 15 minutes before being called in after my appointed time. They were doing a special BOGOF offer on glasses, so I ended up getting 2 for the price of one. I will have one especially for driving with tints to keep out any sun glares, and one for everyday use indoors with a tough non-scratch surface on. Much cheaper then the usual private company I go to and well worth it, I think. I go back maybe this coming Saturday to collect them if they are ready, if not then it will have to be the following Saturday as I am back at work next week.

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