Thursday, 7 February 2008

There IS a nest

Of ladybirds that is. My mum found out yesterday where the dratted things are coming from, after she saw lots of them flying out and coming into the spare room where she's been sleeping. There is a gap between the window and the wall outside and that's where they are living and coming from. Because the windows are so old and rotting now, the insects are feeding on that and are able to get in so easily. Yesterday mum was in despair after having sprayed outside the window and saw lots of dead ones on the ledge outside. Not a nice sight, I can tell you. She asked me if she should call a pest control and I said definitely. Our council don't do asian ladybirds so we have to call a private one in. So, let's hope that they come today and get rid of them all by the end of the day. Mum didn't sleep very well last night, and I can see why.

I have discovered something shocking to me. I am trying to get my work office here to go organic with their soaps and that, and having already bought Ecover washing up liquid, which is organic, I thought the hand soap would be OK. I was wrong. When it came with the rest of the order, I looked at the contents and saw the words sodium lauryl sulfate and went argh! How could they put it in there when they are meant to deal with organic stuff. SLS is the main chemical that people are going on about which irritates skin. I won't be buying that anymore. At home I am liking the Barefoot Botanicals SOS body lotion and face and body cream, and the bodywash. The bodywash has a lovely smell of lavender and orange blossom to it. I shall stick to using those for now. I also quite like the BB Rosa Fina hand cream which has a rose like smell to it, very nice when you are going to bed with it on.

I have started to try to cut down on my sugar intake at home, not that I have it that much anyway. My fruit spread I have with my porridge in the morning has a lot of sugar in it, albeit it is natural from fruit juice, so I had a look at all the other fruit spread and they either have the same amount of sugar and more, so I am sticking to the ones I have now and just use less. At the weekends I have thawed frozen berries instead and they are lovely, although a bit tarty. Mum puts sweetener on hers, which for me would be defeating the object. And I should also try to eat less of the energy bars which I think could have lots of sugar in it, although it is natural from the raisins and apple juice. After next week when I am on leave, that is.

Must get back to work.

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