Thursday, 8 November 2007

Being brave and organic

Being brave for me is having another blood test when I hate needles. Last Friday I ended up being so worn out here at work that I went home early (after lunch) and decided that I couldn't carry on the way I have been, being so tired a lot of the time. So, on Monday I went to the dr's and she said to have a blood test. (I had a theory that it could all be down to my adrenal glands. I read in my Diet Doctors book that these glands are responsible for the balance of stress, water and minerals, and my stress and water levels aren't balanced, otherwise I wouldn't be getting so tired a lot and woudn't be having to get up during the night to wee most of the time. We shall see.) I usually have it done at my local clinic but I would've had to wait 2 weeks and as I hate needles, I wanted it done out of the way. I had it done the next day but at another clinic, where I have to get a bus to and from it. I was brave and managed to get a bus back home, whereas before we've got a mini-cab. My nerves managed to hold out until my mum left for shopping then they hit my stomach and I felt ill and had to rest. Once I was rested after that, I seemed to be fine apart from weak. Then in the afternoon I rested some more but when I got up I came over faint and sick and had to lie down again on my bed, where I stayed for most of the afternoon. I bucked up in the evening after dinner and watching tv. Thankfully I had booked the day off as leave and was back here working yesterday, despite feeling queasy. I had to miss the SCBWI talk last night because I didn't feel up to it.

This made me even more determined to go organic and last night I was emptying a few bottles of things down the sink, they only had a bit left in and I will use up what I have left of anything else until the end of the year. What is left in the new year will either be binned, recycled, or given away. So come 2008 I shall hopefully being going completely organic. I started using one of my new organic soaps this morning, a seaweed soap which seemed to be ok to use. Mum started using hers a couple of weeks ago and there's still a lot of it left, she says that it will last for ages as it's a solid bar.

Well, this is my news for today. Must get on with some work now.

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