Sunday, 11 November 2007

Bread, organic and writing

I started to fancy toast now and then, but because I didn't want to eat white bread which is refind carb's I decided to look for wholemeal breads. Could I find one that I could eat. No and why? Because all the breads I picked up this morning had soya flour in and I can't eat soya because it brings on my eczema and rhinitis. That idea went out the window. I just fancied something other than ryvitas. Oh well. I might have a look at other breads when I go to Greenwich next as there's a shop there that sells different breads.

I couldn't believe my eyes in Superdrug yesterday. I was doing some Christmas shopping for presents for my mum and dad and got to the aisle where the lip balms are, and what do I see. Balmbalm lipbalms. Just what I'd seen in my Natural Collection booklet and wanted to get my dad, and there it was in front of me. Of course, I bought one for dad. I applaud Superdrug for stocking something completely organic, and can see that a lot of the stores are now getting the message about organic products. I still like the So Organic ( shop at Greenwich. It's like a haven of organics for my eyes to feast on. Can't wait to go there again in 2 weeks time when I will be shopping mainly for myself this time. I will be stocking up on organic products for my new organic self in 2008. One other thing that I have to say I don't like is that on lots of household products such as washing-up liquid, it doesn't list all the ingredients and tells you you have to visit their website to get them. In my opinion that is wrong and companies should be made to list all ingredients on their products. Going organic with skin care products is so much easier than foods. Lots of the fruit that my mum and I bought this morning came from overseas, all except the strawberries. Radishes came from Holland. What sort of amuses me or rather annoys me is that the punnets that have the fruit from overseas in are usually recycleable but the punnets which have the UK fruits in aren't. Why?

That's enough on organics now about writing. I have now revised Chapter 2 of Bug and all I have to do now is to read through it one more time and make sure that the girls that fall ill in that chapter are in the right classes as Rosie my heroine. If they aren't then it will have to change. That I will do tomorrow then onto Chapter 3. Once I've finished it all then I will definitely send it on to a critique service for feedback, as it's my first children's book. I have decided that with my romantic suspense books I will write I might/probably try to submit to e-publishers cos I think it could be for me. We shall see. Watch this space.

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