Monday, 29 October 2007

Dancing Shocker

Well, who watched Strictly last night and got a shock at the results? I certainly did and still can't get over who was voted off the show. To me, it should've been Kate and Kenny in the dance off with Kate going but oh no, the viewers chose Penny and Gaby and Gaby got voted out. She was one of the best dancers on the show and look at what's happened. All I can say is that Kate must have so many followers or sympathisers out there for her. I want Aleesha to win it cos she is so good and Matt was very impressive too. He is totally the opposite to his character Deano in 'Enders. Well, that's enough about the dancing.

I bought a few clothes at the weekend including a pair of jog pants, which I couldn't believe. I have so much trouble with buying those sort of things cos I have short legs and most trousers/leisure pants are too wide, baggy and long for my legs, but these ones although are a bit long they are not too long and the waist is just fine for me at a size 12.

I typed up the amendments to Chapter 1 of Bug on Saturday and will hopefully get to read them aloud today, if not tomorrow. And start Chapter 2 this week too.

Well, must go now and start working.

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