Monday, 19 November 2007

Writing Bug 2

Well, I am now revising Chapter 3 of Bug, which I will read to myself today at lunch time, then from tomorrow will work on Chapter 4. Yesterday at home I finished typing up Chapter 13 and started Chapter 14. I did a word count and so far I have done just over 40,000 words, which for a children's book is the ideal amount I believe. I am definitely aiming to finish it all by the end of the year so that in the new year I will print it all out and send it on to a critique service for feedback. Then I will start working on Forgotten Memories, which I have decided will try to get e-published. I have an e-publisher in mind. I think Iwill try to get all my RS books I write e-published because apart from the US it will be hard to get them published here in the UK. We shall see.

I am eventually getting there with being all organic on my skin. The weekend before last I chucked some more stuff out because I believed it aggravated my skin making it bright red, a couple of other things I brought here to work for the others to use up. I started using a new body wash last night but not sure about it because I don't know if it was the water or the stuff but my skin down below went red again but after a whie it calmed down, whether because I used some special organic repair lotion which I've read helps eczema I don't know. I will try it again next Sunday (my birthday) to see what happens. If it happens again then I will use it as hand wash. I am going to buy some other body washes next Saturday anyway when I go back to So Organic in Greenwich to stock up on all organic skin care products for my new healthy regime next year.

Well, this is all for now. Must get on with some work.

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