Thursday, 20 December 2012

An Aspergirl at a libary Xmas Fayre

One of the things that published authors need to do these days is to get out there and make yourself known. For someone with Asperger's Syndrome this can be filled with anxiety and worry, due to difficulty communicating with others. Well, this is what I did last Saturday,but not filled with anxiety but with excitement. I had phoned up one of my local community libraries to ask if I could promote my books and stories at their Xmas Fayre. It was agreed. So last Saturday off I went with a backpack full of postcards, flyers and a few books (Rosie) to promote and sell. One of the other stall holders bought a Rosie book from me and it went slowly. An hour later children started to come in for the singalong, and things picked up. I decided to do what I did before and take bookmarks and pens and give them out free to children. I approached the children friendly and gave out a few bookmarks and pens. I also gave out a few flyers about alfiedog website which I now have two squirrel stories on. And like last time, just as I was packing up to go home, someone approached me with interest about buying a book, she was another stall holder and was taking over my table when I left. I got chatting to her about publishing books, gave her my flyer for my Geraldine ebooks and she said she wanted to buy Rosie. She needed to wait for a boy to come back with some money for her, and when he did, I signed the book with my name and gave her the change from the money she gave me. Two books sold. Hurray. One other thing that was interesting. I got chatting to another stall holder (I gave out my cards to them, as you never know what opportunity might come from networking with other sellers), and this lady asked me if I had done school fetes. I said not visits because of budgets. She said, no school fayres/bazaars. I said no, but will look into it next year. So that is another opportunity to get myself known and out there locally. Will certainly investigate this idea.

All in all, I had a great time chatting to other stall holders and promoting my work. I broke even as I had to pay for the table, and the amount I got for both books paid that back.  Can't wait to do more of those sort of promoting. Watch this space.

This post is part of my 'Living with Asperger's as a writer' and will appear as an e-article sometime next year.


Amanda Lillywhite said...

I often see people selling their own products - whether it be books or something else - and wonder what it is like to do this. Thanks for your insight, it sounds like a very positive experience. I hope that next time you make some money over and above breaking even but to do this well on your first go is excellent.

Julie Day said...

Thanks, Amanda. I really enjoyed it. It helped that I had a toy stall next to me.