Sunday, 29 July 2012

How I edit

Do you have a plan for editing your mss? I didn't used to, but now that I get proper edits for my YA ebooks I do.  I recently got my edits back for my third Angel ebook and it consists of a lot of work for me to do.  Here is my plan of work for it:

1. Round one: Line edits, where I work down the ms line by line typing the changes.  Then I print the whole thing out.
2. Go through the edits, reading the comments and write down changes according to them. Type them up and print it out.
3. Read through the letter of comments from editor about major changes to make eg the train needs to become closer and closer each time. Write those changes, type them up and print it out.
4. Another major change.  It is currently in two stories, Lizzie's pov then Danny's.  My editor says that the reader will lose interest as it is boring and repetitious, and it is better to have them interact.  So I will go through it, delete any scenes where it is repeated, then work in Danny's pov with Lizzie's pov.  Write those up, type them and print it all out again.
5. Then I will read it through from start to finish, to see if it all makes sense to me and readers. Jot down anything that I think sounds wrong, type them up and print.
6. Hopefully last edit for me, which is my read aloud edit. I read it aloud (when I am on my own) to hear if there is anything that sounds wrong, repetitive or doesn't make sense. Jot those down as I read it, type it up and print.  Read it all again, silently.  Then send back to editor.

I am currently still on round one of the edits. Started yesterday, continue today and next week.  I hope to get them all done by this time next week, so I can continue working on Don't Get Mad once more.

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