Friday, 6 July 2012

My non-fiction brand

I have finally worked out what my non-fiction brand is.  I have just read 'Tricked out toolbox', an ebook by Melissa Bourbon and Tonya Kappes, and something I read in this made me figure it out.  It says that for non-fiction, your brand is your platform and credentials.  So I got thinking.  What is my platform?  And it is natural health, healthy eating and being green.  My credentials are as follows (in that I have had letters in these magazines):

Green Parent, Natural Health, Healthy and Sainsbury's.  These are the main magazines that I have had lots of letters in over the last several years. I have also had letters in local and national papers about the above subjects and TV programmes about the subjects.  I have just started to write about wildlife, as I have got a letter in the last issue of The Lady about the ravens at the Tower of London.  Come to think of it, I write short stories about a kitten and a squirrel, and articles about the types of birds I get in my garden, for a small press magazine.

So, here is what I think my brand for non-fiction is:

Author of natural health, healthy eating, green and wildlife non-ficion

So, do you write non-fiction?  If so, what is your brand, when you think about your platform and credentials?


Lynne said...

Its better to have a main subject I guess - I always go for historical.
Thanks for your article.

Julie Day said...

Thanks, Lynne. Maybe I can say 'writer of all things natural'