Sunday, 15 July 2012

RNA Meeting on 7 July 2012

On 7 July I went to a RNA chapter meeting. It was meant to be a talk by Kate Allen about festivals, but she couldn't make it. So instead we chose the topics ourselves and then talked about it. 

We had our usual round robin of who is who and what we have got up to.  I mentioned my romance ebook coming out and the letters I have had published.  A few others have self-published ebooks with Amazon and Smashwords, and this was mentioned as a possible further topic to talk about in another meeting - opportunities and self-publishing. 

The first topic mentioned was how to get reviews.  It was said that you should target sites for your genre, but make sure you look at that site first before you target them.  Goodreads is a good site to do giveaways (printed books only), and when you send out your book, you can ask the winner to kindly review your book. (My note: I put my Angel ebooks up there and got reviews without asking.)  You can put review links from Goodreads on to your website.  Your local press is a good option to getting reviews, but not national press.

Another subject was how to send large Word documents to people.  It was suggested to try Google Docs for large downloads.

Then we had our raffle, while we scoffted chocolates and the others drunk champagne, which were brought by Pia, who had a book launched that day. I ate chocolates but didn't drink because I can't drink alchohol.

All in all, it was a nice day.  I enjoyed meeting other authors who have self-published ebooks like me.

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