Wednesday, 18 January 2012

It's signed

In my last post I mentioned that I was due to get a contract for a series of 6 romances estories. Well, that came last week, I have signed it and sent it back to the epublisher. I am so excited. I have been working really hard on the first story the last 2 weeks. I think maybe too hard, as I started to get a sharp twinge up my right arm, my working arm, each time I wrote. And then just a while ago, after writing for half an hour, my wrist began hurting. So I decided to have a break and come on here. I am nearly at the end of the story now, and will write more of it tomorrow. I had a break yesterday from writing cos I wasn't well. I was tired and then after lunch, I got stomach pains. I had some French goat's cheese, which I've not had before, and I won't be having again. Anyway, I have an idea how the story is going to end, as I have written a sentence explaining what will happen to get Geraldine's ex lover back with her and his more happy self. This past week, after mentioning the contract on all social media sites, I have been glowing in congratulations from everyone I know that have messaged me. And a few I might not know, and are following this blog. Yay. I am getting a following. I think it's all down to being on WG2E.

Meantime, I got my first edits back today for Racing Angel. Oh dear. Have a lot of thinking and a lot more rewriting to do on it. I need to think about my paranormal world of heaven, and who is there and who isn't. I think I might change what the girl rides and add more teenangels to make it more plausible. I will get back to it once I have finished the first draft of Geraldine. Should be next week.

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