Monday, 31 January 2011

Still decluttering

I am still decluttering my cupboards and wardrobes. At the weekend I started with sorting out all the papers I had in a red file tray here on my computer desk. Managed to put some papers for recycling and for reusage. Then as I had somethings to take up to my bedroom to put away, when I went up there, I went through the concertina file in my wardrobe and chucked out more papers. They were mostly receipts and documents for things such as tv that I don't have anymore. Unfortunately one of those was in a plastic bag, so one thing went to landfill. Oh yes, there were letters that had labels at the top or bottom, so they went to landfill also. I still have one drawer to sort out and file away magazines and papers I have taken out of old magazines about writing. As I haven't got much shopping to do these days, I have plenty of mornings to get round to doing those.

Then it will back to filing again next year.

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