Monday, 24 January 2011

Allie nearly done

I have now finished the current draft of Allie and started the next. I am hoping this is the final draft as I want to send it to the Slushpile Challege set by SCBWI-BI and an agent. The deadline is 7 Feb. I worked on chapter 1 of Allie just before going on here, from comments that my new critique buddy, Sue Hyams, (Hi Sue), has made and ones that I thought of when reading it. I want to type them up then read it again to make sure all sounds OK to me. One thing I want to check when doing this new draft is to work out exactly who is in Allie's class. Then I can see if all the characters that are in the right lessons are there. Chapter 2 is already with Sue, and we will be going through this tomorrow at the local cafe. Can't wait.

Meantime, I have found out from my local council that I can recycle at home empty stamp books. My mum said we couldn't cos they are shiny, but we can. Hurrah, another thing recycleable.

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