Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Decluttering time again.

It's that time of year again when everyone, inc me, starts to declutter. I know that Rachelle from, and someone called Colleen have been decluttering. So far I have recycled lots of magazines, lots of paper I have accumulated over the years, clothes, bags. I have kept papers to reuse for printing, which will recycle when used. I have also stocked up the box for the charity shop with more books and some clothes when we go near there again. And I have sorted out a couple of stirrup trousers I no longer want (or rather no longer can where due to weight gain) to go to the charity shop. I tried one pair on this morning to go to the hairdressers but it was too tight, so decided to ditch those as well as another pair a different colour. I have also decided to put my cosmetics in a new cleaner bag, so that old bag will go for recycling too. Still have one more magazine box to sort out, then I will sort out my computer desk to see what I do and don't want to use.

Happy decluttering everyone.

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