Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Read-In

Yesterday was National Library Day where lots of authors did read-ins in their local libraries that are threatened with closure. I did mine at Sydenham library and it was a success. The library was packed and just after 12 noon the readings started. First was a local Baroness, then children's poet Chrisse Gittins, then Karen Wall and her husband Jim who are an author and illustrator of children's picture books, then they brought back the Baroness because when she did her first reading, we couldn't hear her because of all the noise. Then came me. I had to use a microphone, and it wasn't too bad. I read the bit from Rosie that I read at my book launch and said that if anyone was interested in a copy I had a few to sell. After that was Lucy Mangan reading from her book, then we all went outside to see balloons being released, and they didn't go that far. There was a cake donated by a local cake store, and hot food donated by another local business. I'd had my own lunch so didn't eat anything. I met all the other children's readers and talked to them, giving them my card. We all had our photo taken by a man from Lewisham Newsshopper paper, so I might be in next week's copy and hope I get it. Then we wandered round saying goodbye and I went to the bus stop. Whlist there, an elderly lady came up to me saying she'd heard my reading and wanted to buy my book and couldn't find me. She had now. I signed a book for her grandson and she paid me. A book sold. Yay. All in all it was a good day on Saturday what with having a letter in Healthy magazine that morning. I do hope that what went on on Saturday makes an impact on the decision to close the libraries, as libraries are truly needed for our next generation.

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