Friday, 25 June 2010

A very sad day

Wednesday was a very sad day for me. As those of you know who follow this blog, I have been made redundant. I was finding it hard to carry on working knowing I had to leave there so it was agreed that I could leave early and Wednesday was my last day working in a job I've been doing for just over 20 years. I had a leaving do on Tuesday, because of the football on Wednesday. My line manager gave a speech which was well researched in that she mentioned all about my writing letters, getting prizes for them and my novels, and also mentioned how many students I'd seen over the years. Too many to count I think. We had nibbles and drinks and I enjoyed it. Also, my dear colleague and friend Michelle, gave a talk too, describing our working relationship like an ideal marriage, with my loyalty and letting her do the work her way. I will miss you Michelle. Wednesday I handed over to the temp, did a major declutter of desk and drawers and cleared out lots of paper, which went for recycling. I was taken out to lunch by two colleagues to the London Hilton and had a very nice time and a very full stomach at the end of it. In the afternoon I got another presentation, with music, where I was given 2 gift cards (for WHS and House of Fraser), a bouquet of flowers and a big card. Here is the card:

I read the messages that night and I have to say I did have tears in my eyes at all the well wishes for me and my writing, and esp Michelle's. I gave some of the others hugs near the end of the day to say farewell.
At the moment it feels like I am on holiday and will be going back in a couple of weeks time. Then it will probably hit me that I am not going back to work. I have promised to keep in touch with some of them at work and that I will do starting today.
My next post will be about writing and my new writing regime now that I am a lady of leisure.


Nell Dixon said...

I've been thinking about you and hoping you were okay. Big hugs to you, it is so hard to leave a place when you've been there a long time. I hope though that this is going to be the start of a whole great new phase in your life with lots of lovely things happening for you.

Julie Day said...

Me too Nell. Have already begun concentrating on my writing and researching magazines for possible features to do.