Friday, 2 July 2010

A new writing regime

Now that I am home full-time, I have made up a new writing regime. During the week I work on my current novel and short stories, Saturdays are my research days, where I research magazines and publishers for potential things to write to them about/for. This idea I got from a reference book I've previously mentioned here by Nancy I Sanders. She gave me the idea that I could do more than stories and have decided to try my hand at puzzles. I have found a couple of children's magazines to aim for and will probably write to one of them next week, as I have ideas for puzzles in mind already. That is one thing I am now doing. I bought an expanding file this morning for the magazines and ideas I have now, also mentioned in the reference book.

Work on Georgina is taking pace now and it's now at just under 44,000. A lot to go to reach 30,000 but I now have the time to take my time doing this. I also have two stories on the go and hope to finalise these for sending out next week, along with a piece about recycling at work.

Meantime, next Monday I have the book event at my local Oxfam in Bromley. Am looking forward to that, and have been practicing reading an extract for the quiz. The manager is friendly to me and has said that they will reimburse me the money I've spent for the prizes if I take the receipt with me. Which I will do and won't forget. Then at the end of that week I have the RNA conference which I can't wait to go to and chat with my fellow romance authors.

This is my news for now and the next post will be about rubbish diet.

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