Monday, 14 June 2010

Loving writing

Whilst I was writing a story for a competition last week it came to me that I really love writing. It is something that I really enjoy doing, and something I want to continue doing and hopefully make a career of. I also love talking about writing to other writers, something I found out last week when I went to a social get together of children's writers. We got talking about our writing and what we were doing currently, and whilst listening to another author, I came up with ideas to help her (which I think she'd done anyway) but I enjoyed the chit chat. I had great fun and can't wait to meet up with more authors again.

Today I am going to revise Chapter 4 of Georgina, and try to cut at least three pages from it. The first page and a half I have in mind to cut anyway as I have decided that each chapter will either start as her journey to school or be at school, to make the action start immediately, as that is where the things happen to her. I typed up revisions to chapter 2 at the weekend and it's now down to just under 51,500 words. A lot to go. Tomorrow I will revise Chapter 4.

Back to work now.

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