Thursday, 18 February 2010


Today I decided to chase up the progress with my novella by emailing the publisher as it was 6 weeks ago I submitted it. I got a prompt reply saying that they had sent a rejection on the 17th January, which I didn't get. Now I know. It's back to square one with Checkmate. I think I will put additions to the synopsis in a couple of weeks when I'm on holiday and then send it off to another publisher who has just started out. I would like to find a home for it as I did love writing the book.

Meantime, I have revised Chapters 1-4 of Allie and will type those up at the weekend. I have also amended a short story which I will email to a publisher this weekend for their anthology, as I found out yesterday that the deadline has been put forward to 1st March due to them having received many submissions. Then I will start revising another story for a competition.

Back to work now.

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