Monday, 8 February 2010

Going Nuts

No, I don't mean I'm going mad but I mean nuts in what you eat. I have been eating walnuts but thought I'd try different nuts. So at the weekend I bought a snack pack of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. I ended up trying an almond (don't like the taste of raw), a cashew nut (again don't like taste of) and Brazil nuts, which I did like so might buy a bag of those next weekend as Holland and Barrett's still have their offer on.

Meantime, now that I have started the last chapter of Georgina, it is now going very well. Also at the weekend I finalised a story I plan to send to an anthology, a small piece on natural products and printed and posted two stories for magazine competitions, and finished typing up Chapter 6 of Georgina. Only 3 more chapters to go until I catch myself up.

Well, back to work now and hope this entry goes on here as the last one didn't.

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