Sunday, 15 November 2009

New decisions

Today I halved the synopsis of Allie, as two of the publishers I want to query it for, ask for one page synopsis, when I had it as two. I've read it through and it reads OK and still depicts the essence of the story. I shall read it again next weekend then probably print off the the first few chapters and send it off. Meanwhile, I have found two possible publishers for Checkmate, both of whom take novellas of less than 50,000 words. One of them is a new publisher who only do digital prints, so we shall see. Once I have sent off Allie to the two publishers, then I shall concentrate on sending off Checkmate and leave it at that until next year. Then maybe over Christmas I shall look at more possible publishers for Checkmate, and perhaps Allie. We shall see.

Also next week I shall send off the story for the anthology. And soon after that I will start writing another story for another anthology, which one I'm not sure yet but I will decide.

Well, that's my news for now. Back to work tomorrow.

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