Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Writer's News

A couple of weeks ago I emailed Writers' News magazine with my success story. I got a reply back saying that they have a big backlog and would get a member of staff to write the news up. I didn't think more of it, until Monday. I got an email from the Assistant Editor saying that she was writing an article for the Members News page about my book and asking me a few more questions. I wrote them out and replied yesterday attaching an image of the cover. So hopefully in the next issue I will be in there. Will put it on my website when I see it.

Must get on with work now.


Nell Dixon said...

Wonderful news, Julie!

Julie Day said...

Yes it is. I've been in Writers News before but it was only a very small piece. Hopefully this time it will be much longer with a picture of my book. Can't wait.