Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Allie's gone

I sent the first 3 chapters of Allie to Pegasus on Monday, so that baby has now gone for consideration. Hopefully they will get it today if they didn't yesterday. So now I have a few weeks wait to hear from them if they like it enough to want it as well as Rosie. Meantime, I have started to work out Georgina's story. I have written out her timetable, who her teachers are and now am working out what magical powers to give her to help the girls and the school. I'm already looking forward to writing this story.

I am going to start practising my talk later this week after I've finished writing it. Just need to write a little bit how cholesterol causes strokes and I'm done. I've decided to talk as though I'm chatting to the audience and see how that goes.

Will let you know when I hear from Pegasus about Allie, so watch this space...

Back to work now.

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