Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My library talk

Well, I had my first library talk and how did it go? I think it went quite well, although I feel that I did bore the school girls a bit. I had an audience of 4 school girls, the library youth worker and 2 female police officers and the man working on a laptop behind them. I think the girls were more interested in the fat causing strokes side of my talk, so that is what I will concentrate on more when I do another talk. Although I didn't get to sell any books, no one had money on them, I gave out my free dried fruit anyway, as well as my bookmarks and postcards. After the talk I answered a couple of questions and we got chatting about strokes and healthy eating, which I found went better than the talk. The library worker is Afro Carribean and she said that a couple of her relatives have had strokes and she has found she's got high cholesterol so has had to relook at her diet. I told her that I'd read that people of her background are at higher risk of strokes and that. I am pleased that I did the talk as it was good experience, and I now know what I can improve on and what I need to talk about more. I would like to do more library events but think I will gear them to more question and answers and general discussion about writing and healthy eating as I felt that went better than the talk. I will be visiting another library this weekend to see if they can promote my book and maybe get something there.

Now to get working on my 3rd book.


Nell Dixon said...

Library talks are always interesting as you never know who will turn up - I find getting people to ask lots of questions always makes it flow better. Congratulations! It's a bit scary when you do you're first one (actually I get scared everytime shhh)

Julie Day said...

Thanks for the congrats Nell. It was rather scary. I didn't think anyone would turn up but the library youth worker introduced herself and said she'd get some teens to come over, which she did. Then the police officers arrived and I went 'Ooh." It did go better when everyone participated so will focus on that aspect for next time.